SSL certificates for free (on Hosteurope) with certbot

If you don’t use Linux don’t panic! I personally love to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu from the Windows Store.

Install certbot with this (linux) terminal command: sudo apt-get install certbot

In the terminal then type this command: sudo certbot certonly -a manual –rsa-key-size 4096 -d

Please interchange in the command with your domain name!













Next you have to type Y to confirm that certbot can use your IP.

Now you have to verify that you are the owner of the Domain by creating a file in the ftp space of your server (For Hosteurope you can use

The name of the file can be found after /acme-challenge/<name_of_file> and the content should be the long cryptical content after data: in the picture above.














Alternatively you can use a program such as FileZilla to create the file which I also recommend.

When you created the file press Enter and everything should be fine! 🙂

Now your certificates are created under: /etc/letsencrypt/archive/ or if you use the Windows Subsystem for Linux then just type in Windows Explorer: \\wsl$\Ubuntu\etc\letsencrypt\archive\

Before you can copy your certificates you have to get the rights, therefore go in the terminal again and type:

cd /etc/letsencrypt/archive 

sudo chmod +rwx

Now you are free to copy / use the certificates in the Hosteurope KIS System.











Choose the right domain and then insert the right files like shown in the picture.













Changes in SSL will take a few minutes. You’re done! 🙂